Tuesday, December 27, 2011

QR Bar Codes & Readers

Well...everyday it seems there is something to learn. Today it was how to install a third party QR reader on my Blackberry phone so that I can read that weird looking special code found on magazine ads, postcard, business cards and more.

The codes is simple to create and download to your computer at: SPARQ or http://www.sparqcode.com

You can make up to 5 different codes after joining a free, light membership. The optional predesigned features of the code will allow you to create a Phone Number Code (scan will auto connect a call) A URL Code (sends user to a web site) or an Index Card for yourself or business (lets user add you to their contacts automatically).

Of coarse, the user needs to be able to scan the QR code with the proper code reader for the specific "smart phone" he/she owns. The allowing of contact registry, web browsing and auto calling are also dependent on the specific phone abilities.

Using the Internet you should be able to research your own phone to see its capabilities for scanning QR codes. A Blackberry will yield search results to make you believe you can access this feature through BBM. It does not work, at least my BB Curve won't do the job. The work around is to download Blackberry's "App World" and get a third party app to do the job. For my phone I am using NeoReader, available here:

NeoReader or http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/55538?lang=en

It works well.

For a list of QR readers for different phones go here: SPARQ or http://www.sparqcode.com/scanner

After figuring all this out...you can apply the process by scanning my QR codes shown throughout this article. It is easy to scan these codes right from your monitor. Only fill 70% of the camera window with the code showing all four corners. The first is the index card, the second the web site URL and below is a Phone Number code.



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