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The use of variable data printing, variable data emailmessagingandvariabledatainternet communication makes personalization of the Internet possible.  Your company can connect with new prospects or existing customers by sending personalized messages that will drive contacts to a specific goal online.Personalization may be the deciding factor on receiving a new client or satisfying an existing clients need to be personally contacted and reminded of your services and offerings.What is a PURL and how can these benefit my business?PURL is the acronym for Personal Uniform Recource Locator.  This is what it may look like:www.FirstnameLastname.yourcompanyname.comInserting a persons name in front or behind your company will drive people to a micro site that will personally greet them by name.  There are many events that need to "line up" to make the PURL a live web page that works.  The most deciding factor on a campaign being a success is not the message, it's the list.…