Sunday, December 27, 2009

Web Site Optimization...To Be or Not to Be?

Imagine that you are at a Florida Gators football game (www). The event at halftime will be that a spectator (web site) will have the opportunity to win Superbowl tickets (land on the first page of Google search) The only requirements are that the spectator have on tennis shoes, an orange or blue t-shirt and confess to being a football fan (keywords). WOW, you meet all the requirements to win the tickets (you have a web site and its been optimized). What would be your chances of winning the tickets in this crowd of 35,000 Gator fans? Multiply those odds by 25.000. Those would be the real odds that web site optimization will get you the exposure you need.

SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization" or "search engine optimizer." The truth is that it takes a lot of time, money and strategy to be visible on the internet. For a reliable company to perform SEO, you can count on $1400.00 to start and a regular maintenance fee of at least $400.00 to update your web site every month. SEO includes links into relevant web sites, the writing of blogs, building client data bases with opt in forms for email campaigning, creation of meta data for each page, linking to sites that promote your products as well as the competition. If you have the time you can do all this yourself, but, who has that kind of time? With all this, what is your guarantee? Nothing! Nobody can guarantee placement in search engines.

I wouldn’t present a problem like this without a solution.

If you are looking for more business, do not count on a web site alone to get this done for you. I tell my clients that a web site offers much more “real estate” for information than any other means of advertising and a web presence is absolutely necessary for today’s web savvy prospects. A web site offers the best way to communicate with your audience and detail the products and services being offered. With a web site, you are ready to communicate with your prospects, now you need to let them know where you are. Web Site Optimization will not do this. What will?

• Direct Mail Campaigns
• Google Adwords
• Opt in Eblasting
• Personalized Direct Mail
• PURL Micro Sites
• Cable TV
• Radio
• Magazine Advertising
• Local Market Advertising

All the above forms of advertising drive traffic to your web site. Spend your money on high rate of return advertising instead of a shot in the dark. No amount of SEO will compare to the results of a successful advertising campaign.

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  1. More like 2000.00 for the optimizing and 600 a month for regular maintenance on my shopping cart site.


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